KASPO LAB Laboratorium wzorcujące wagi i wzorce masy.
Akredytacja PCA od 2002 r.

Calibration of mass standards

Calibration of mass standards

Calibration of mass standards, weights, process weights within PCA accreditation of KASPO LAB laboratory:

Accuracy class

Accreditation range


1 mg - 1 kg


1 mg - 5 kg


1 mg - 25 kg


1 mg - 64 kg

and 500 kg, 1 t, 2 t

From the denomination of
10 kg calibrated at the user`s!

No transport required!




After calibration, the accredited KASPO LAB Laboratory issues a calibration certificate with the PCA accreditation symbol.

The certificate contains the results of the calibration, the estimated measurement uncertainty and confirmation of the measurement consistency.



  • If the determined errors of the  mass standards exceed the admissible values - the mass standards can be adjusted (if possible).
  • If there are no mass standards in the set or there is a need to exchange a singel mass standard from the set into a new one - then the client can order new mass standards from our offer.
  • M1, M2, M3 class mass standards from the nominal mass of 10 kg can be calibrated in the place of their use (there is no need to transport them to our laboratory).
  • We also calibrate all weights, including weights for endurance machines, rakes, creepers, pressure gauges, etc.

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