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Calibration of scales

Calibration of scales

Calibration of mechanical and electronic laboratory scales:

  • microanalytical
  • analytical
  • precision / technical

Calibration of non-automatic scales includes:

  • point calibration - determination of errors at the selected measuring points (the client specifies the points and their number)
  • linear calibration - determining the dependence of the error in the function of the load and the graphical presentation of this relationship.

In addition, the client may order the determination of:

  • Dispersion - includes determining the scattering of scales indications at 1 measuring point.
  • Eccentricity - determination of errors of scales indication for 1 load value set non-centrally on the scale.


  •  Confirmation of conformity - includes a comparison of the determined errors with MPS defined by:

-  current legal regulations
-  the client

After calibration, the accredited KASPO LAB Laboratory issues a calibration certificate with the PCA accreditation symbol.

The certificate contains the results of the calibration, the estimated measurement uncertainty and confirmation of the measurement consistency.


  • We calibrate all types of automatic and non-automatic laboratory and industrial scales.
  • Microanalytical and analytical scales are always checked at the place where the scales are used.
  • We recommend calibrating all scales at the place of their use (even if it is possible to send them to our laboratory). KASPO LAB Laboratory is not responsible for the technical condition of the scales sent by forwarding companies.
  • If the scales are damaged, we can prepare an offer for you for new scales that meet your requirements.
  • Our technicians not only perform calibration but also advise on how to use the scales, how to perform weighing.

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